Philips 415034 14-watt A19 EnergySaver Shatter Resistant Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb, 2-pack

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Philips EnergySaver Shatter Resistant Compact Fluorescent 14-Watt A19 household light bulb two-pack is an ideal replacement for your current 60-Watt incandescent A19 light bulb and standard CFL bulbs. Featuring Tuffguard protection, the silicone covered bulb is soft to the touch and shatter resistant. If the bulb accidentally breaks inside, the silicone cover provides a safety barrier that contains broken glass, providing peace of mind by keeping your family safe. In addition, this safety feature allows for a no-hassle clean up. The smaller size bulb looks like an incandescent and fits in most fixtures. This shatter resistant light bulb is ideal for use in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, offices, family rooms, and bedrooms. It has a soft white light, similar to incandescent light, creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. This Energy Star qualified A19 household light bulb lasts up to 7 years and saves you up to $80 in energy costs over the life of the light bulb. Philips EnergySaver Shatter Resistant Compact Fluorescent A19 light bulbs can be used in open hanging pendants, table/floor lamps, ceiling fans, and open or enclosed ceiling/wall fixtures. Switching from standard incandescent to Philips EnergySaver CFLs can help reduce your electricity bill and save energy, while helping you to create the perfect lighting for your home.

  • Philips EnergySaver Shatter Resistant 14-Watt Compact Fluorescent A19 replaces your current 60-Watt incandescent A19
  • Shatter Resistant for added safety
  • Features TuffGuard Protection – Silicone cover allows for containment of broken glass
  • Lasts up to 13 times longer than a standard incandescent
  • Energy Star qualified