OUTDOOR ORIGINS Jalapeno Roasting Rack & Pepper Corer

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The stainless steel pepper roaster will accommodate small to medium sized peppers and will grill them to perfection. The pepper roaster keeps peppers from burning and sticking to your grill. Includes is a stainless steel corer for easy use.

After preparing your favorite peppers, place them in the specially designed holes on your Grill Rack and place them on your grill to cook. Preferred grilling temperature should be 450° F (232°C). Grill peppers to taste (usually 10-12 minutes). Remove your Grill Rack from the grill when done using side handles. Be careful, they're hot! Allow to sit a few minutes before removing peppers.

The Stainless Steel Pepper Corer has a stainless steel blade with serrated edges and sharp inner slicing edge to easily remove the core and seeds from peppers. Insert Corer into the top of a pepper, twist around pepper, and remove. Seeds and core will follow, rinse with water to remove any extra seeds. Stuff pepper with ingredients with desired, place in Pepper Grill Rack and cook!

  • High-Grade Stainless Steel
  • Holds 24 Jalepeno Peppers Or Similar Long Style
  • Stuff Your Peppers With Cheese & Bacon Then Roast On The Grill - YUM!
  • Perfect Addition To Any Grilling Armory
  • Includes A Stainless Steel Pepper Corer