Ocean Wave Projector (LED) With Speaker

Ocean Wave Projector (LED) With Speaker

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The ocean, in your room? Your personal paradise.




  • Relax at home under the soothing waves of the ocean, create a calm and fun environment.
  • 7 Beautiful Color Patterns to fit your needs. 
  • Built-in Speakers! Connect with your PC, Cellphone, etc.. You want to immerse yourself even more with the sound of waves? Go ahead. You want to play songs? Go ahead.
  • Special Remote with multiple time settings, color switch, light modes, speaker volume, etc..


Bring home a quality projector, created for outdoor lovers and people who recover from their long and hard days my being one with nature.

So. You've come this far in your life, but.. something's missing. As we said before, your days are hard. You'd love to relax but there's too much going on, sometimes you forget there's even such a thing as relaxing. 

The events in your life pull you away from every opportunity to get peace of mind because they are so good at distracting you from these sorts of things. 

You won't be forgetting anymore, not with this new relief-bringing device. You simply plug it, turn it on, and relax, as it takes you far away, to see the ocean waves. No matter what worries you come across, doesn't matter; You're at the beach. You'll remember that pretty quickly.

If not, maybe it's time to turn on the speakers and play some calming wave sounds. Now you're definitely at the beach.

Nothing beats the confidence you get from knowing that you can tackle the rest of your day feeling rejuvenated, and with a calm mind, ready to take on anything that comes your way!

This projector is perfect for eliminating stresses and winding down. We all need an outlet. Let this be yours.