GoBible Traveler Digital Audio Bible- New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition

GoBible Traveler Digital Audio Bible- New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition

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Take God anywhere with you with this GoBible Traveler sized New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition. Read by the Emmy award winning narrator Stephen Johnston.

The GoBible is a handheld, lightweight and portable device - small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, pre-loaded with the entire audio version of the Catholic Bible (over 80h!).

The onscreen menu of the GoBible Traveler allows the listener to easily scroll through the entire Old and New Testaments to select the Book and chapter that he is looking for. It is indexed down to the chapter level, so the listener can search for, play, repeat and bookmark any of the over 1,180 chapters.

The Bible-in-a-year program is a very popular feature. Every day, the listener gets 12-15 minutes of different scripture passages to listen to, and after 365 days, he has heard the entire Bible!

Other great features of the GoBible includes: The Rosary and Common Prayers, a bookmark functionthat supports 36 individual bookmarks, a backlight timer to control the lenght of time the screen stays illuminated.

The GoBible Traveler is operated by one AAA battery (included), which powers the device for more than 10 hours, depending on the backlight timer usage. The shorter the backlight timer setting, the longer the battery life.

The GoBible traveler is approximately 3.5" x 2" x 0.5", and weighs only 2.5 onces. The screen size measures 1.3" in diameter, and can display up to 2 lines of text at a time.

The package includes: the GoBible Traveler, earbuds, an instruction booklet, and a AAA battery. The earphone jack is universal, and supports any standard set of headphones. The GoBible and also be played through a set of portable speakers.

  • INCLUDES THE ROSARY AND COMMON PRAYERS: the Apostles' Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Act of Contrition and the Mysteries (Glorious, Joyful, Sorrowful, Luminous).
  • LISTEN TO THE HOLY MESSAGE AT YOUR RITHYM: The GoBible Traveler features a bookmark function that supports 36 individual bookmarks, so you can mark where you left off listening, or save your favorite Bible chapters.
  • IDEAL FOR PEOPLE WITH IMPAIRED VISION OR REDUCED MOBILITY: let the soothing voice of Emmy award Stephen Jonhston read to you, sit back and enjoy the scriptures.
  • WONDERFUL TO ELEVATE YOUR SPIRIT WHILE TRAINING YOUR BODY: as the saying goes, a healthy spirit in a healthy body! Go for your walk, jogging, or any other exercise routine while meditating the passage of the Bible.
  • BIBLE-IN-A-YEAR PROGRAM: let's face it, we are all very busy and wish for the 25th hour of the day! With this fantastic program and only 15 minutes per day, you will have listen to the whole Bible in a year! Enjoy the Words while doing your daily activities, the house chores, or take some time just for you! No reason to miss anymore!