Floxite Home and Travel Mate 9x Mag

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Rialto Home & Travel Mate - 9x Magnification & 1x Regular. Daylight Lighting Shows True Colors. Bright 360 Circular Lighting. Built-in Storage Compartments for Cosmetics. Includes mirror and instruction manual. White.

  • The mirror's "Daylight Lighting" Shows True Colors for applying and blending makeup. The bright, white light "lights up" your face so that all small details can be seen easily. The 9x mirror magnifies all tiny details while the other 1x mirror shows you a true image. This perfect vanity mirror folds down for storage and/or travel making it a mirror for anyplace, anywhere.
  • This mirror has 2 mirrors which are 9x for closeups and 1x for a regular view.
  • The mirror is 9" in Height and Folds down to only 2.75".
  • The mirror has built in compartments in the base to hold all your cosmetic needs which becomes your "work station".
  • Bright circular lighting illuminates your face similar to daylight.